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Elle McKay

I’m elle.
I’m a girl who’s all about the botanicals,
the organic and natural parts of life.
The bits you’ll found under rocks and in the dirt,
the remnants of what once was and what is soon to be.

While I love drawing the conventional beauties of the world, I’m also on a mission to unveil what’s underneath and in us, literally.

The skull of a housecat, the skeletal wing of a bird and the human brain are all important elements of our bodies,
which contribute to how we function in the world we share together and who we become within it.


"My art will take you

through fields of wildflowers

where small creatures scurry along the earth and little birds sing,

and into the depths of the forest, to the towering pine trees

and small clusters of mushroom that grow on the forest floor".


I think it’s wrong that often people associate floral designs with old dated yellow wallpapers

and the kind of artwork only their grandmother would hang in their home.


I’m out to prove that botanical art can be refreshing and contemporary and can make your home look more modern than ever before.

I’m always drawing and, if it’s not on my tablet,

it’s on a napkin,

on the frost of my car window at a stoplight or

in the top corner of my daily notes.

“Some of my favourite themes to draw from are Australian natives and wildlife, animal and bird skulls and big varied floral bouquets”


And a few extra details about me:

I'm born and raised in the close-knit city of Adelaide, Australia. I currently live with my lovely parents in a house at the top of a hill.

I spent most of my lunch breaks in high school in the art room which fostered my obsession with painting and drawing. I (eventually) went on to graduate with a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration in 2018, which is the industry I currently enjoy working in.

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